Showman Fabricators sponsored several Green Events at LDI2009, including the first ever LDI Green Day Conference dedicated to Green initiatives in the entertainment industry. Bob Usdin, Showman’s president and the Green Day Conference sponsor, says, “The day was a resounding success. Organized around topics that varied from the broad effects of climate change to specific actions and initiatives a professional in the entertainment industry can do today to significantly change the impact of production on our planet.”

Usdin adds that, “The conference was attended by manufacturers, designers, consultants, and production supervisors from a variety of different entertainment outlets. All attending brought energy and enthusiasm to the discussions and walked away with hard actions and real products that can be implemented now.”

The LDI show floor opened with a Showman sponsored Green Technology Today Showcase featuring products and companies on the forefront of greening efforts for the industry. These companies represented a diverse group of lighting and staging companies who are using greener manufacturing processes and greener materials to revolutionize the entertainment industry. Showman was able to use the Showcase to circulate information from different advocates in the greening of the entertainment technology industry such as the Broadway Green Alliance, the Center for Sustainable Practices in the Arts, and the Natural Resource Defense Council.

And finally, at the annual LDI awards, Showman sponsored the Inaugural Best Green Product Award and the Best Green Event/Project Award. The Best Green Product, chosen by independent judges from all of the participants in the Showcase, went to Apollo Design Technology for their innovative manufacturing techniques of their Gobo Green product line. Apollo was able the change the manufacturing process of these lighting patterns to eliminate the use of chemicals and incorporate a more energy efficient technique for creating the gobos.

The Best Green Event/Project was open to any project that exemplified sustainability and was awarded to NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon/NBC Green is Universal for their efforts in using greener choices in building a new set for the show.