Edge from Tomcat is a new intelligent pre-rig truss in a 30"x24" format with stacking spigots designed to optimize truck space, fitting four trusses wide. Built on the foundation of Swing Wing truss, its rotating spigots connect in multiple planes and eliminate the need for corner blocks. The interchangeable ladder feature allows the replacement of damaged ladders, as opposed to the entire section of truss, and accommodates a flat pack choice for air travel. In addition, the truss comes with an internal adjustable diagonal slider assembly that creates space for larger fixtures or extra lighting positions. An 8'-section weighs 195lbs and can sustain 3,760lbs total UDL over a 40'-span. The truss comes in 8' and 10' lengths and meets ANSI E1.2-2006. A patent is pending on the rotating spigots.