XLNT Advanced Technologies CyberMotion™ is a range of motion products—C-Hoist, C-Winch, C-Track, and C-Trolley. The system consists of compatible motion products: intelligent, variable speed chain hoists, winches, trolley beams, and other motion mechanics. The truss concept reduces load volumes, the time needed for setup and teardown with pre-installed products, and the required number of onsite staff. The truss integration also allows users to gain clearance and reduce transport volumes. The dedicated MotionCue3D™ allows for programming of a complete performance to achieve ultra-slow to high speeds and smooth, accurate transitions with object-oriented programming of complex 3D objects with 0.1 mm accuracy, using CAD and animation software. It provides realtime 360° view and position tracking, and allows freely assignable points of rotation per object or cue. CyberMotion is SIL3-certified and compliant with all international safety standards and codes of practice. www.xlnt-at.com

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