Tomcat’s latest is the Baxx-Truss. Tomcat’s Baxx-Truss is the world’s only self-stacking, folding truss. Designed for speed by the NBA’s production electrician, Rob Baxter, and developed by Tomcat. It is presently installed for the LA Lakers custom court lighting system.

What is particularly interesting is that Baxx-Truss is halfway built as it rolls in the door-hinges made, truss sections folded, fixtures, dimming, and cable pre-installed, and it is ready to fly, tool free. Baxx-Truss simply just unfolds, pins, and flies. 40’ of truss rolls from the truck and flies to trim in 10-15 minutes with just two stagehands.

The Lakers’ 40’ truss sections consist of five 8’ pieces of 30” deep X 16” high heavy duty, open bottom truss, with a total rolling height of 88”. Due to the spigot ends, the 40’ sections are easily assembled into far-greater-than 40’ lengths, as long as they are in 40’ inline increments.

Adding to the speed is the elimination of the need for bolts and tools as it is erected. As it unfolds up from a horizontal position (like and accordion), two hands on 8’ ladders simply pin the spigots as it flies vertically. The opposite happens as it flies in and folds on itself. Once deployed vertically, they swing over another motor point hung 40’ away, attaching this to the lower truss end and then lifting this end up, until the truss is horizontal. Forty fee of truss is easily erected within 15 minutes, assuming the points are there.