Thern Inc. offers single- and multiple- line drum winches custom designed to fit any stage. “Our drum winches can be easily modified to fit any theatre application,” says Scott Thelen of Thern. “Whether a customer needs a standard single-line winch for a small production or a five line set to lift heavy light and scenery battens, we have them covered.” Thern drum winches are based on modular designs that are inherently flexible to fit any application while helping keep the cost low for the customer.

“Customization is not a problem,” explains Thelen. “Depending on our customer’s needs, we can easily modify line speeds, load ratings, rope diameters, and gear ratios.” Custom-built controls are also available—everything from simple up/down push button to complex programmable controls with touch screens, ramp up and ramp down, variable speed, and simultaneous multiple motor controls.

Every winch is equipped with a four-pole limit switch on the drum shaft and redundant braking provided by a motor-mounted disc brake and a secondary over-speed brake mounted directly to the drum shaft.