Pulizzi Engineering released the new VPC2864 series of 3-phase vertical power distribution units. The series includes current metering on each phase to properly balance and load the system; the current meter measures the actual current draw. The 3-phase power input provides high-power density, allowing 48A continuous power at 120V single phase.

The unit provides 30 receptacles and can be used with either 15A “three-prong” receptacles (NEMA 5-15R) or 20A “T blade” receptacles (NEMA 5-20R). The unit is 70” tall and 2” deep, with the outlets spaced over its length. The vertical mounting requires no rack space, allowing the unit to mount in the back or side of the rack enclosure.

The VPC2864 series features a 2-digit current meter display. A three-position switch selects which phase to monitor, allowing the installer to properly manage the phase current.

The input power connector is a 3-phase 120/208V 20A, NEMA L21-20P, connector and 9’ power cord.