L- Acoustics announced the availability of Version 1.3.0 of Soundvision, the manufacturer’s powerful three-dimensional sound design program. The latest software version incorporates three primary improvements over the initial offering, including temporal mapping, speaker grouping, and subwoofer visualization.

Soundvision v1.3.0’s temporal mapping utility conveniently enables users to optimize the performance of their delay systems by displaying, in real-time, whether speakers are within or outside of a useful time delay.

A new speaker grouping feature is equally significant in that it allows enclosures to be grouped by user-definable categories within the loudspeaker control panel – much like setting up subgroups on a mixing console. This is especially helpful for complex designs utilizing a variety of L-Acoustics loudspeaker models. For example, separate groups can be created for the main, fill and delay speakers, each of which can then individually auditioned using Soundvision’s solo function.

The third noteworthy improvement is that mechanical models of L-Acoustics’ subwoofers have now been added to the program allowing users to see the physical existence of low-frequency enclosures in a system design. This is particularly important for systems that position dV-DOSC and dV-SUB cabinets within the same array as it depicts a much more accurate visualization of array size and mechanical weight.