Zach Williamson recently reviewed the MR-4 and MR-6 MIDI remotes from Duck’s Echo Sound for our website, calling the MR-4 "a brilliantly simple little box that does four things and does them well: Go, Stop, Next, Previous. What could be better than that?"

The MR-6 model simply adds two programmable auxiliary buttons to the MR-4. Developed by Andy Leviss, a New York-based sound engineer who became frustrated with adapting other technologies to suit his needs, the boxes connect to a system via MIDI cable, "no DB-9 cables, no MIDI Solutions boxes. Plug and play. And play. And play," said Williamson. One of our judges adds, "Setting this unit up takes no time. It takes away the need for any DB connections or an F8, as it has straight MIDI out."