Out Board has previewed the next generation evolution of their TiMax Audio Delay Matrix, the TiMax2 SoundHub range of audio show control and system processors. In its ShowHub guise, the TiMax2 control software is configured specifically for programming and running shows and events, while the RoomHub version is optimized for more mainstream AV installations needing similar comprehensive audio processing resources but with less focus on real-time show control or audio animation.

TiMax2 (T2) incorporates a scaleable multi-channel audio matrix and mixer to handle multiple sources and multiple zones in a variety of projects ranging from theatre and corporate or special events through to AV installations, museums, boardrooms, hotels, and nightclubs. The compact 2U chassis provides 16 input and 16 outputs in analogue or AES/EBU format, which is expandable up to 64x64 within the same frame. Optional networking interfaces include Cobranet and Ethersound with full redundancy.

TiMax2’s unique delay matrix capability provides tools to help create precedence-based audio imaging to direct listeners to a performer’s location on stage, a presentation speaker, or a particular attraction in a themed exhibit. Every input and output also has parametric EQ for source sweetening or room tuning, plus instantaneous random-access multi-track audio playback and recording, which is compatible with a wide range of file formats.

Theatrical and event sound designers can load the show’s entire playlist and audio playback content onto the T2’s internal hard-drives and then run either from the front panel or remotely from external show control systems via the onboard GPIO, MIDI, SMPTE, or TCP/IP show control interfaces. The simple and quick PC or Mac software suite allows the sound designer or contractor to program and load different routing and zone level/delay EQ configurations plus dynamic pan effects and audio playback into each Cue. The front-panel menus also offer input and output metering with Mute and Solo functions, plus Group level, Mute and Solo controls, all under multi-level password security

For the ultimate-safety conscious rental operator or installer, TiMax2 also offers the option of input relay bypass, dual mirrored audio playback hard drives or flash drives, dual power supplies and fans, and even an extra ac IEC cable.