Gepco International Inc., with headquarters in Des Plaines, IL introduced the XB201DBM microphone cable at AES 2006. The latest addition to the X-Band cable line, the XB201DBM is an extra-flexible, high bandwidth microphone cable with a double braid shield for added noise rejection.

Based on the XB201M, the XB201DBM has a wide frequency response and exceptional RF/EMI noise rejection. These attributes are achieved by utilizing a gas/polymer dielectric that significantly reduces the capacitance, as well as cabling the pairs with a tight and precise twist. Conductors are made from finely-stranded, oxygen-free copper to maximize conductivity and protect against corrosion. Shielded with a double (2 x 95%) copper braid, the XB201DBM provides exceptional noise rejection. As with all cables in the X-Band series, the XB201DBM features Gepco’s G-Flex compound that is both flexible and durable.

“Our new XB201DBM builds upon the solid reputation of the X-Band cable line,” states Scott Fehl, Gepco’s Products Development Manager. “The double braid shield provides greater noise rejection in a construction that is also extremely flexible and flaccid.”