Axxis Inc. of Louisville, Kentucky recently purchased a host of XTA including one SiDD Digital Dynamics Controller, two DP448 Speaker Management Systems, and two GQ600 1/3 Octave Graphic EQs. Of late, the XTA gear has been out on tour with dc Talk’s tobyMac, the Christian Music Fest “Winter Jam” (on both through the winter of 2008), and in use at the Kentucky State Fair, French Lick Resort Concert Series, Louisville Orchestra and Super Pops shows. Axxis intends to utilize XTA on forthcoming corporate events with Wal-mart, the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) conference, University of Louisville Commencement Ceremonies, Greater Louisville Inc., and various Kentucky Derby events around town and at Churchill Downs in May 2008. Axxis’ Production Rep Jim Stevens chose the gear based on sound quality and versatility.

“I have been a huge fan and have used XTA gear since the mid 90s,” says Stevens. “I worked for a touring company for over 10 years before I came to Axxis. We had RT-1s in the drive racks and GQ-600s in the drive and monitor EQ racks. When the DP-226s came out we started adding them to our drive racks, then the DP-224s started going into our monitor amp racks. We also had a 56-channel DS800 split package and a couple of Walkabouts. When I came to Axxis in September of 2006, the company already had the fever and owned some DP224/226/428s and a SiDD. I just added to the inventory. Every tech here loves the XTA gear.”

For these events, Stevens put together V-Dosc and DV-Dosc drive racks outfitted with a GQ600, SiDD, 2 DP226s, and a DP448, along with a CD/tape deck. They also use DP448s in their amp racks that run L-Acoustic sidefills and Clair Brothers 12am wedges. Axxis’ amp racks contain Lab.gruppen or QSC amps, and they utilize various DP226s, DP224s and SiDDs in a variety of applications including speaker delays and remote systems.

“The sound quality and versatility is why XTA gear rocks,” adds Stevens. “I never thought I would find an EQ that I liked as much as the K-T DN-360. That was until I got a hold of a GQ600! We A/B'ed speaker manufacturers processors with the 226s when they came out, and were blown away at the difference the XTAs made.”