Scharff Weisberg took delivery of the Brother, Brother & Sons V-Base Projector Yoke for Digital Projection’s HL12000 DSX+, making it the first and only company in the US to offer the video projector yoke from the manufacturers, headquartered in Denmark.

“The V-Base yoke securely holds and moves the 12000 DSX plus projector so it can produce effects not achievable via any other method,” notes Josh Weisberg. “The V-base yoke essentially motorizes the projector so that projected images move with pinpoint accuracy and those movements can be programmed and repeated. Used alongside moving and conventional lights it adds a new dimension to staging today.”

Constructed with heavy-duty, industrial components, the yoke offers superb repeatability and smooth, precise moves. Unlike systems employing mirrors, complex image-manipulation challenges vanish with the V-Base yoke. The system also allows for the use of a full range of projector lenses.

The yoke controls pan and tilt as well as selected parameters of the projector via a standard DMX 512 lighting console. These parameters include projector on/off, mechanical shutter, zoom, focus, orientation, shift, brightness, contrast, color temperature, color and control channels.

“The V-Base Projector Yoke is used extensively on TV and awards shows in Europe,” adds Weisberg. “We believe our clients are sure to find a host of applications for its usage on this side of the Atlantic.”

The V-Base range is distributed in the US and Canada by A.C.T Lighting, Inc.