Martin’s Maxedia Broadcast™ is a media composer and playback device optimized for high-definition playback with ultra-fast quad core processors and 1080p playback support. Nearly a terrabyte of drive space in a RAID array are onboard, as well as two powerful graphics cards that provide a dedicated user interface plus two engine outputs. Each output can be split over a maximum of three displays for custom widescreen projections, allowing a maximum of six projectors to be connected to the system. The unit supports a full pixel-mapping engine for CMY and RGB systems, has the same intuitive graphical user interface as other Maxedia systems, and can be networked with them. With a touchscreen-optimized user interface and 16 screen views, the onboard library of video clips, still images, and integrated animations is accessible without the need for a lighting controller. The system allows for overlay of media files in multiple layers, and media can be manipulated in hundreds of ways including color control, keystoning, and framing of playback.