There’s a new LED video wall in town, and it belongs to Scharff Weisberg. The New York City company has taken delivery of a significant package of Barco ILite 6 XP (I6) LED panels, the industry standard for high-resolution indoor LED video. Scharff Weisberg is the only company in the New York City area offering large-venue LED panels.

“We’re excited to have this very bright and thin LED in inventory,” comments Scharff Weisberg’s Peter Scharff. “This is an industry standard product previously unavailable from a local New York vendor that compliments the wide range of video projection technology we offer. The addition of high-resolution LED video gives clients one more reason to work with us, whether in New York or anywhere else.”

With its 6mm resolution, 14-bit processing power, level two (LED level) calibration, and enhanced software algorithms, I6 delivers unbeatable light output, unsurpassed color depth and uniformity, and vastly-improved gray scales. The tight resolution makes the I6 perfect for smaller image sizes, even at close viewing distances.

I6 is source compatible with a full range of sources, including HD SDI enabling users to deliver full native, non-compressed HD content (such as 720p, 1080i, 1080p).

Scharff Weisberg is no stranger to the power of LED displays, being the first to bring G-LEC to the United States. G-LEC was used on many projects, including Sting and Nickelback tours. The company also designed LED video systems for the most recent Republican National Convention (specifying a 300-tile video wall), designed and spec’d an LED wall at Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s NYC headquarters comprising hundreds of tiles, and designed the London Sinatra show, which features an innovative LED system. “Now, we are expanding that expertise to our rental and staging operation, and will be able to offer these solutions for a great number of projects,” concludes Scharff.