The LC Series from Martin Professional is a semi-transparent, modular system of extremely bright lightweight LED panels (40 mm pixel pitch that offer true RGB possibilities.

The LC units can be used in an array of applications and allow the integration of moving images, lighting, and set design. The panels can move through a range of intensity, from a solid wall of images and color to near-invisibility and allow light, air, and effects to pass through.

The variety and depth of achievable colors in the LC series, combined with a brilliant output, allows the accurate broadcast of digital media, which remains true to the source formatting and the color and intensity of other lights in the design.

The image from the LC panels appears seamless at about 30m, and the elliptical pixel design offers a very wide viewing angle of 100º. The pixel pitch of 40mm offers high-quality resolution while making semi-transparency possible. The LC series of LED video screens offers extreme brightness of 1800 NITs, or 1800 candela per square meter (1800 cd/m2).

The LC series is specially prepared for video and TV applications, incorporating Genlock, which prevents light-flicker to the camera’s “eye.”

Much attention has been paid to ensure that the LC panels are built tough for the road and smart for easy set-up. The LC series offers direct in/out DVI connections for video signal and simple daisy chain capability for up to six units. In addition, there are no external power supplies or drivers. The LC series mounts using the industry standard truss system and each unit contains a switch-mode power supply that covers all worldwide voltages.

The modules come in a 2 x 1m or 1 x 1m size.