Large-format projection specialist E\T\C UK launched Onlyview™ software for multi-screen format video projections in the UK last week, over three days of special demonstrations at the Gielgud Theatre in London’s West End.

The event featured a spectacular video show highlighting the attributes of the system, followed by a presentation by E\T\C UK’s Ross Ashton outlining Onlyview’s advantages. This was followed by a work-shopping session led by E\T\C UK’s Andy Joyes, who’s recently come onboard to head the company’s new high powered video projection department. The sessions were rounded off by a popular Q&A.

In addition to the three afternoons of public sessions for the launch, special viewings were organized each morning for key clients and individuals.

Ashton comments, “We saw a wide selection of individuals – production mangers, creative directors, producers, technicians, graphics experts - embracing every area of the industry – live events, rock ‘n’ roll, theatre, corporate presentations and television. The reactions were very positive all round.”

Produced by French large-projection specialists ETC Audiovisuel, Onlyview is a tool for the real-time creation of multi-screen video projections with automatic control of overlapping and soft edging.

The software has already been used by the French for the last two years on large-scale events and product launches including key corporate presentations for Renault and the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon.

It is the result of an extensive collaboration between E\T\C Audiovisual’s R&D department, their on-site technicians and engineers and various video designers. The system will be available as a rental only item from E\T\C UK.

E\T\C UK is setting up a training program to enable designers and producers to learn the system, giving the option of developing their own shows entirely in-house using Onlyview, returning to E\T\C UK for the hardware and logistics to present the show. Alternatively, E\T\C’s own creative department can produce all the necessary content for clients requiring a full software and hardware package for their show or event.

Onlyview features include: Soft edges together video projectors to create a seamless image; the ability to track real world objects completely live; Visual elements can be imported ‘into’ the screen and shown in windows on the background; changes can be made in real time without long rendering times; simultaneously shows multiple live camera images alongside video playback and PC sources; graphic files can be imported and animated;

Onlyview can be synchronised with Onlycue, (ETC’s large format scrolling projection control software) for simple and seamless integration of both video and PIGI large format projection into the same show.