DNF Controls has announced a new control option for Vista Systems, Inc., manufacturer of the Spyder multifunction video processor sold worldwide. The two companies have worked together to enable close integration of the Spyder system and DNF Controls' comprehensive ST420-VSS Shotbox, which together provide a simple video access, enhancement, and control solution for staging and event producers. As part of this endeavor, Vista Systems can offer DNF Controls' ST420-VSS Shotbox as another control option to clients using the company's Spyder video processor.

"Many of our Spyder clients require a simple, user-friendly tactile control panel in addition to our Vista Advanced software GUI," says Bob Enright, general manager at Vista Systems. "We worked with DNF Controls because of its reputation for excellence in control equipment. The company's engineers worked closely with us to create an affordable, high-quality video control solution that allows us to expand our market offerings to small and lower-budget productions."

"We are pleased to be working with Vista Systems," adds John Duggin, president of DNF Controls. "Together our solution offers a high level of versatility and performance, as well as a unique and cost-effective solution for the live production arena."

The ST420-VSS Shotbox connects directly to the Vista Spyder over an Ethernet interface. Users have the power to read the Spyder system's advanced command keys and automatically map them to Shotbox keys (10 banks of 27 keys per bank), assign a specific command key to a specific Shotbox key, recall a group of command keys at the press of a key, and step forward or backward through the cues in a single script or a group of scripts.

The Vista Spyder video processor allows a production technician to use a variety of inputs, including HD, DVI, analog RGB, SDI, HD-SDI, analog Betacam, composite, or S-Video, and project them through a single output to multiple displays.