AV Concepts has acquired five Sony HVR-V1U Pro-HDV compact professional camcorders. With a lightweight design for extreme mobility, the camcorders are engineered to revolutionize traditional methods of capturing video footage in high definition. The design of this highly portable camera is based on years of Sony experience in camera ergonomics, and provides ease of use and fluid operational comfort.

To accommodate the need for accurate focusing in high definition shooting, Sony has utilized a 16:9 Wide “Clear Photo LCD plus” to yield a wide viewing angle, high resolution, and a wide range of colors, with a contrast ratio that is 160% better than conventional LCD screens.

AV Concepts has also chosen these cameras for their resolution versatility—they are native HDV format, but will also record in standard mini DV, down converting from 1920 x 1080i to 408/60i (NTSC) depending on need or situation.