ZZYZX, Inc. announces the general release of ESP Vision 2.0, an upgrade to ESP Vision 1.1, the most comprehensive software enhancement release in the lighting visualization company’s history. Vision 2.0 focuses its attention on the user-interactive capabilities of Vision 2.0, while further enhancing the realism with which the lighting beams appear in the scene. Vision 2.0 introduces the ability to merge multiple components from many different sources, including Max, Viz, Vectorworks and 3DS file formats into a single environment. Once there, any component can be moved, scaled, rotated and positioned as needed.

Furthermore, lighting instruments can be added directly into any Vision 2.0 scene. Patch information can be assigned, adjusted, exported to Excel or printed directly from Vision 2.0. Moving truss, set pieces and other components have been added, as well. The ability to modify textures and effects placed on any surface further extends the realism of the product by fully simulating LED curtains, tiled LED’s, water and reflective surfaces, among others. Finally, the ability to create rendered stills, AVI files and MOV files for distribution to client’s extends the ease of use for meeting the needs of the client. “Vision 2.0 is the culmination of a year’s work based upon the feedback from the lighting community,” says Dedrick Duckett, ESP’s director of technology. Director of marketing, Alan “AJ” Jesse continues, “Vision 2.0 provides the lighting and production team with the tools necessary to dynamically adjust their design during the fluid planning process in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The AVI creator allows the fast and easy sharing of ideas and concepts among interested parties.”

Following an extended beta program, Vision 2.0 is available immediately. All current ESP Vision 1.1 users with active subscriptions can upgrade to Vision 2.0 at no charge.