XR9 Spot is a moving head projector with a 575W discharge lamp (MSR 575/2) combined with a dichroic parabolic reflector that yields a light efficiency of 9,300lux at 5m. According to DTS, the fixture has silent and fast motorized focusing and incorporates three selectable beam aperture angles (11°, 15°, and 18°), two gobo wheels (18 gobos total), extractable gobo holders, two color wheels (16 colors total), a rotating prism, and two frost filters. An internal microcomputer checks fixture functions via a menu, and special stepper motors provide pan and tilt with low noise emission. Also included are a pan and tilt locking system and electronic or electromagnetic ballast. The moving head covers are easily removable thanks to ¼ turn screws and are sealed by a special gasket fixed to the internal metal frame. DMX in/out and PowerCon® connectors are by Neutrik.