RC4 Wireless has launched a new WDMX™-enabled product line called WDIM. The WDIM products bring WDMX connectivity to a complete system for low voltage battery operated lighting, motors, and more.

The first WDIM for WDMX product will operate from 6V to 30VDC and provide four outputs of 200W each in a small and compact package. WDIM uses a high-efficiency switching power supply and high frequency PWM dimming resulting in minimal heat and power loss. Dimmer outputs feature thermal and overload protection and under most fault conditions individual dimmers will disable themselves until the problem is corrected.

“WDIM is an excellent way to add wireless dimming to an existing Wireless Solutions WDMX system,” says James David Smith, president RC4 Wireless. “We have almost two decades of expertise in making high-quality low-noise dimmers particularly suited for wireless dimming in compact enclosures. WDMX receivers are highly robust, making them an ideal candidate for the demands of wireless dimming.”

“We are very excited that RC4 Wireless and Mr. Smith have joined our rapidly growing WDMX OEM program with their WDIM product. Battery operated low voltage lighting, including LEDs, seems to be in almost every show these days. We are delighted that that market now has a choice, WDIM, combining the strength of our WDMX technology and the great systems and support provided by Mr. Smith and his company,” says Hans Lau, president of Wireless Solution of America.

With the agreement, RC4 Wireless joins the growing group of WDMX OEM partners including SGM, DTS, Clay Paky, Lightronics, Doug Fleenor Design, Antari, and LSC Lighting, among others.