Element consoles by ETC are aimed at smaller venues that require easy operation for single operators or volunteers. The consoles come in two hardware versions, based on fader count—the Element 40 or the Element 60—each supporting either 250 or 500 channels and two universes of DMX output. Designed to handle lighting systems outfitted predominantly with conventional fixtures while accommodating LED fixtures and/or a small number of simple moving lights, the console is based on the Eos® control system with a simplified feature set similar to the Express console. LTP channel faders can handle simple shows directly, build looks for use as submasters or cues, or edit levels live. Channel faders can become 40 submasters for simple playback of live shows. When submasters are required all the time, the Element 60 console provides 20 additional dedicated submaster faders. The console records cues and fade times into a single cue list for simple playback of more complex shows using a Go button. Users can access more complex timing functions like cue parts and follows to create more intricate lighting transitions. The console can also record effects directly into cues or load them into submasters. Additional features include navigation and control of basic accessories, LEDs, and moving lights via On Demand ML controls; color and gel-picker tools; on-screen prompts; help system; and video tutorials.