Syncrolite has been a pioneer in the production and design of automated xenon skylights since its first DMX controlled xenon light introduced in 1989. Since then, Syncrolite has brought the lighting industry a wide array of fully automated xenon skylights for use in theatrical and architectural applications.

Now, Syncrolite introduces OmniColor* D, the first and only true thin film Dichroic Color Mixing system - CYM and RGB. (Worldwide Patents Pending.)

The OmniColor* D features:

  • Dichroic color deposited on 4mm flexible substrate formed into Syncrolite proprietary welded scrolls
  • Color like glass dichroics
  • Heat/Wrinkle/Shrink Resistant - does not burn or warp like standard color scrolls
  • Available for Syncrolite Series 2 and Series 3 instruments
  • Will mix with additive dichroic color, subtractive dichroic color, or combined for an amazing range of colors
  • Perfect flat fields with OmniColor* 1 or 2 with a wide range of proprietary Syncrolite variable field lens
  • The first and only scrolling lenses available in 10 - 20 - 30 - 60 - and no space 25 X 95, 25 X 75, 60 X 10 and custom fields as needed