Earlier this year Strong Entertainment Lighting purchased the right to manufacture the Technobeam from High End Systems. Today that process is completed with the shipment of the first Technobeams built by Strong.

Nelson Enterprises Theatrical Supply of Bloomsbury, NJ, placed its order almost immediately after the announcement and will be the first to receive this revived industry workhouse.

"Strong came to our rescue. We had a project that specified Technobeam and we were uncomfortable trying to substitute any other product," Terri Nelson, president of Nelson Enterprises, remarks. "It is great to be the first to order a Strong Technobeam. Given the product's reputation and Strong's long high-standing in the industry, how could we go wrong?"

John Wilmers, president and CEO of Ballantyne of Omaha, Strong's parent company, observes: "This marks a new stage in the development of the Strong product line. Using our extensive sales and service experience, we are confident the marketplace will embrace the Strong Technobeam."

The Strong Technobeam is identical to the Technobeam built by High End Systems. Strong now offers new Technobeam fixtures in only the Technobeam Iris configuration, and supports more than 20,000 Technobeams in the field with replacement parts and service.

"The Technobeam has a dedicated fan base and its functionality and quality have never been duplicated," notes Paul Rabinovitz, vice president of Strong Entertainment Lighting.