The SeaChanger Color Engine product line has added the Studio Dichroics Series CYMG hexachromic color changer. Compatible with all beam-shaping ETC Source Four accessories, the SeaChanger Studio produces rich, vibrant lighting hues.

The four-filter CYMG color engine attaches to the reflector housing of any Source Four Ellipsoidal and uses robust dichroic filter technology to create a virtually endless palette of stable, reproducible colors that do not shift or fade with time or temperature. Color transitions from clear to 100% saturation are possible in less than one second.

The SeaChanger Studio’s patterned filters allow users to control color, intensity, and saturation with unprecedented levels of precision. Users can configure filters in up to 4 billion combinations to create a nearly infinite variety of colors, with an emphasis on deeper blues and truer reds.

The filters have a higher transmission efficiency than gels and other filter materials, and their resistance to temperature and humidity eliminates the need for noisy fans that may interfere with production audio. Each SeaChanger is a self-contained unit with internal power supply and is controlled via 4-channel DMX, RDM device, or its front-panel membrane keypad with three-digit LCD display. The SeaChanger Studio is compatible with either HMI or tungsten lighting, and will accommodate a variety of stage lighting accessories.