The SeaChanger Wash Color Engine is a novel CYMG hexachromic color changer that turns ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals into dichroic wash lights for theatrical, worship, and architectural installations. Consisting of the four-filter CYMG color engine and a Fresnel lens barrel, the SeaChanger Wash easily attaches to the reflector housing of any Source Four Ellipsoidal. Its manual zoom allows users to adjust the field of view from 20° to 70°. Color transitions from 0-100% saturation in less than one second are possible.

With the release of the SeaChanger Wash, users can now seamlessly match SeaChanger spot and wash colors in a single installation. Each SeaChanger is a self-contained unit with internal power supply and is controlled via four-channel DMX, RDM device, or its front-panel membrane keypad with three-digital LED display. The SeaChanger Wash is compatible with 575 W or 750 W HPL and HID lamps and will accommodate a variety of stage lighting accessories.

The SeaChanger Wash uses patented dichroic filter technology to create a virtually endless palette of stable, reproducible colors that do not shift or fade with time or temperature. SeaChanger’s dichroic filters provide higher transmission efficiency than gels and other filter materials, and their resistance to temperature and humidity eliminates the need for noisy fans. Its novel xG “Extreme Green” filter combines with the CYM color wheels to produce hexachromic colors, expanding the available gamut to include deeper reds, blues, and greens.

The SeaChanger Color Engine is a product of Ocean Optics. The company’s Thin Films Division designs and manufactures patented dichroic filters for entertainment, architectural and display products, and produces precision optics and coatings for lighting envelopes, fixtures and scientific applications. The SeaChanger’s patterned dichroic filters are precise enough to project even large-format still images with remarkable resolution and clarity while the “colored light” products use the most robust, highest-transmission dichroic filters available.