Osram, is pleased to introduce the Kreios™ family of LED modules to the entertainment lighting industry at LDI 2008. Kreios is the most recent Osram custom LED solution and one of its first for film and television lighting.
The Kreios (12-1.0) incorporates innovative LED technology with a sophisticated feedback system to create flexible solutions for studio and film lighting. The module’s feedback loop is designed in response to the time and temperature dependency as well as assists with the life and the performance of the module. Kreios offers color-changing capabilities with high luminous efficacy and excellent color rendering. It is the first integrated LED module with twelve high flux LED chips with custom programmability.

Featuring a compact module design, Kreios has an integrated microprocessor as well as an optimal heat sink and high performance control gear. Its small dimensions enable fixture manufacturers to engineer new designs for limited work areas or set space constraints. “We’re on the leading edge of advanced and sustainable LED lighting technology and capable of creating the appropriate solution for a number of applications within the entertainment lighting industry,” said Leslie Trudeau, Osram Sylvania NAFTA business unit manager for entertainment lighting. “ Kreios LED modules are a perfect example of how we’re incorporating an intelligent alternative to traditional light sources in film and television lighting. The industry is looking for more and they can expect to see ingenuity, sustainability and innovation as well continue to investigate custom LED solutions.”
Regardless of application, the Osram line LEDs is ready to supply a custom solution. Using resources and technical expertise, Osram is prepared to outfit a variety of lighting needs with tailored LED systems solutions based on optimizations of the optics, heat sink, and power supply.