Link USA introduces new features to its LKS 19-Pin connectors.

19-Pin LKS Connector
The LKS product line has been enhanced by the introduction of a number of new features. The longer backshell has improved the ergonomics of the connector while providing for easier assembly and service in the field. Link now offers the anodized connectors in multiple colors for easier identification. Link also introduces an integral locking set screw system that makes the connector integrity more robust. The locking system makes it impossible to accidentally uncouple the connector assembly, even if it is subjected to extreme pressure. This solution also ensures that the IP 67 waterproof rating is maintained under all conditions. Other new features include an internal insulator and the impact-resistant rubberized locking ring.

19-Pin Spider Connector
The new, compact design of the LKS 19-pin Spider connector establishes itself as the only Spider grip on the market to maintain the dimensions of the low-profile, Pg29-style connector. What enables this design to be so compact is its internal locking system, and special insulator, that eliminates the need for a large external locking ring. The new Spider is absolutely waterproof and each cable can be individually replaced if necessary.

The Spider clamp comes both cabled and uncabled. Proven to speed up the wiring operations, the LKS rubber insert can accommodate six cables (1.5m length and two types of sections, from 1.5sq.m and 2.5sq.m) by using a new highly optimized manufacturing process. The internal insulator, diagonally cut for maximum isolation, can also be opened and installed after the individual conductors have been terminated.