Following an extensive field test period, the new MAC TW1 tungsten automated wash fixture from Martin Professional is ready to hit the market. The 1200W MAC TW1 brings to the stage and studio all the optical brilliance and feature quality of the MAC range, with the warmth of tungsten halogen. It has an array of features to provide the broadest possibility of effects, colors, and design.

The MAC TW1 is an ‘all in one’ solution, meaning one version of the fixture can travel the world without the need for inconvenient adjustments or the expense of having multiple models on hand. The MAC TW1 can be fitted with a 230V, 240V, or 115V lamp as well as a new breed of 80V lamp that offers an alternative to traditional mains voltage lamps.

Output: Soft, Warm and Even
The MAC TW1’s incandescent source is perfect for highlighting skin tones or textiles, making it the preferred source for television, theatre, film sets, fashion shows, and corporate events. The MAC TW1 has soft beam edges and a uniformity in light and color output. This gives an even distribution across a projected surface and allows seamless overlaps of beams for large stage and set areas.

Dynamic Zoom
A twin lens zoom offers lighting designers the flexibility of working with different beam angles and precision in color and light placement on the stage or set. The Martin zoom system ensures total flexibility with the beam angle without compromising the quality of the light itself. The standard lens gives a variable range of 19°–40° while a wide angle lens is also available (90°-110°). A narrow angle lens will soon be made available as well.

Full Spectrum Color Mixing
The MAC TW1 features the broadest, most evenly distributed spectrum of colors in one self-contained color mixing system meaning there is no need for complicated module changes or doubling up fixtures on the truss in order to achieve a total range of colors. The TW1’s CMY color mixing system delivers a multitude of vibrant colors from fully saturated deep hues to soft pastels and has the ability to accurately emulate color temperature. The color system ensures a logical color transition from any one color to another without distracting detours or flashes of unwanted colors.

Internal and External Dimming
Prepared for use with external dimming systems, the TW1 has also been fitted with an internal dimmer. This is advantageous for smaller productions not requiring external dimmer racks or off-stage fixture placement where dimmer cables can be cumbersome.

Mechanical Dimming
A mechanical shutter offers full dimming without affecting the color temperature – important in television and studio applications. The mechanical shutter also gives you instant snaps to full, or zero, and variable speed strobe effects.

Accurate, Smooth and Quiet
Despite being the brightest 1200W fixture in its class the MAC TW1 is also exceptionally quiet at less than 40dBA. This is achievable through its cold-light reflector technology and a new, patent pending silent cooling design, which traps the heat and silently dissipates it away from the back of the fixture. A precise pan and tilt system (540°/245°) gives measured and accurate movement, no matter how fast or slow, while Martin’s yoke technology ensures the quietest movement in its class. The TW1 operates in three modes: Normal, Studio, and Silent. These control the speed of effects and mechanical movements for an even smoother, quieter performance.

Easy Serviceability
The MAC TW1 has been engineered to ensure that serviceability and adjustments are straightforward and fast. The TW1 comes out of the box as a complete operating fixture. A full auto-sensing switch-mode power supply means one single fixture can be used all over the world without the need for external power boxes and cables that increase transport costs and hassles.

A single ended, quarter twist lamp makes lamp replacement simple and fast, cutting down service and maintenance time. Three illuminated lamp indicators on the back of the fixture allow for easy lamp adjustment in the dark. A clever modular design with multi connectors for easy access, maintenance and cleaning reduces service time and cost of ownership. The fixture is prepared for a range of accessories such as barndoors, gel frames, or top hats.