“A dimmer, really?” you may ask. Well, Chromlech calls Gleamer a “high-speed, fully digital design,” and at its core is the latest DSP technology, as well as high-frequency power stage for high-power density, accuracy, and dynamics. What does that mean to you? Well, it’s the first and only dimmer on the market right now dedicated to low-voltage, high-power dimming—make that realtime controlled, true 8-bit+ dimming over its user-settable output range of 6V to 28V. All that, and it’s quiet, too. With a DMX-controlled, low-voltage direct connection to lamps, new uses, like individual controls of ACLs, are possible. “Great fun and easier than dealing with lots of transformers,” says one judge. Another adds that the Gleamer is “a welcome solution to dealing with ACLs. I’m glad to see it on the market, as it makes our lives much easier.”

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