At London’s PLASA 2005, Lightfactor Sales is showing a variety of its core theatre and performance orientated products available from Italian manufacturers SGM and LDR; Wireless Solutions from Sweden; and Xilver from the Netherlands and LightProcessor from the UK. SGM

Lightfactor will display the new SGM Synthesis moving head fixture.

SGM’s PALCO LED color-changer is for use on both indoor and outdoor (IP-65 rated) applications and is available in two models, with 3W (PALCO 3) or 5W (PALCO 5) LEDs. To blend harmoniously into surrounding architecture, PALCO uses a series of high-power Luxeon LEDs (with RGB color mixing: five blues, 20 greens, and 24 reds).The new PALCO 3 mobile is protected to IP-22 and features motorized pan and tilt movement. The pan is 0° - 350° and the tilt is +15° / -70 degrees. It is DMX controlled with an optional remote control unit. The fixture features RGB color mixing and a combination of high-power Luxeon 3W/1W LEDs. It has a luminous flux, 2,200 Lumens and 5,500°K (variable) color temperature. PALCO 3 Mobile is available with a range of interchangeable lenses: 8°, 25°, 40°, 10°x 22° (elliptical) horizontal and vertical.

A selected range of SGM’s Regia lighting control consoles will also be on show on the Lightfactor stand.

Offering 1,024 DMX channels, two DMX out lines and one independent DMX line in, the Desk Pilot 3000 is a color TFT touchscreen graphic display for direct access to fixture functions. It has capacity for up to 200 cues and offers four encoder wheels (to control the Palette parameters of a fixture during editing or programming and for allocation of the values of the various program screens). The Desk Pilot 3000 offers 20 keys for direct access to playbacks and 10 keys for direct access to playback functions like Time, Release, Cue-List, and the Shape Engine.


The Xolar LT is a batten shaped long-throw lighting fixture designed for touring and installations. The Xolar LT has a total beam angle of 2º (4º with beam homogenizing filter) that creates a parallel light beam resulting in a homogeneous colored beam, easily capable of a 100m throw. It contains 16 segments either as individual, sectional or a single unit, and is controlled via DMX and the Xilver serial interface. Each segment uses Xilver’s patent-pending color-combining system, which can integrate external effect filters, lenses, and optional diffusers. It features a total of 48 Luxeon high-power Lumiled LED sources (16 Red Luxeon I, 16 Green Luxeon III, and 16 Blue Luxeon I) controlled in a 30-bit modified smooth resolution. It is ideal for cycloramic or long-throw applications.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions W-DMX Black Box Outdoor is an exterior wireless data solution based on the proven technology of the company’s PLASA award-winning W-DMX Black Box indoor model. The W-DMX Black Box Outdoor is IP65 rated and works in any weather conditions from –20º C to + 50ºC. Black Box has built-in AC/DC that accepts a 90-250V universal power supply and is delivered with standard RP-SMA to follow ETSI and FCC regulations. With FCC regulation and a different antenna, the outdoor model can go wireless in line of sight up to 20km (11 miles) between transmitter and receiver. It is also possible to link a transmitter and receiver together to create a virtual repeater, thereby avoiding problems like corners or big height differentials in dense city areas with several high buildings in close proximity.

A complete set of accessories with different antennas and cables is available. W-DMX Black Box IP65 is protected with a unique pin code so each system listens only to itself and, by default, will avoid all other traffic in the 2.45 Ghz band. This makes it possible to run 16 DMX 512 universes (8,192 channels) on the same spot without interference. It can handle up to 512 DMX channels with true plug-and-play functionality. The system can be used "Point 2 Point" between console and the first fixture and then cable linked to all other units connected in the same universe, or it can be "point 2 multipoint" where each fixture has its own receiver. Single systems can be used alongside each other to cover more then one DMX without interference.


Lightfactor will display the latest models in the LightProcessor Dimension and Paradim range of installation dimmers.

The Dimension 1210 is a wall mounted dimmer available as single or three phase, with MCB breakers on each circuit, user-replaceable triacs plus many other features. It is available as DMX or DMX with onboard memory.

The Dimension 12-Channel rack mounted dimmer is a DMX-controlled touring dimmer available in single or three phase. It features 12 MCB breakers with an RCD option. Other features include individual or multiple DMX addressing of channels; individual or global channel test; three dimming curves (switch, square and linear); individual pre-heats on each channel, plus individual ‘max out’ on each channel.

Dimension Memory dimming range consists of 12- or 18-channel units of 10A-per-channel, which can be wired as three phase or single phase. The 1210 and 1810 units can be split between different zones: one zone of 18 scenes, two of 12, and six or three of six. Channels are allocated to zones via central programming from any DMX desk, and they don’t have to be divided in any pre-determined way.

LightProcessor’s Paradim digital touring dimmer is now available with 125 A Cee Form or PowerLock in/out. The 72-way version offers 24 dimmer channels and 12 hard powered channels, and the 96-way offers 36 dimmer channels and 12 hard power channels.

Paradim installation six-scene, 6-channel dimmer is available in 6x10A, 6x16A or 6x20A formats. It can be hard wired or rack mounted, single or three phase, and encompasses fire alarm settings and onboard scene memory. Scenes stored in the dimmer can be recalled by any of the LightProcessor series of Scene Recall Button Stations, either with LED indicators, faders or simple buttons.

LightProcessor’s handy series of DMX signal processing products includes the QDMuX, QStore, QMerge and Qbuffer–the latter available in both truss and 19" rack-mounting version. The LightProcessor QBuffer is incorporated into the DMX chain immediately after a desk. The QStore can store in memory 64 presets of all 512 channels. The QDMuX offers 24 channels of DMX to analogue decoding in a 1U rack-mount. It’s a convenient interface between standards, the DMX line being connected through 5-pin XLR's to the front or 3-pin XLR's to the rear.


Italian manufacturer LDR manufactures specialist luminaires for the entertainment and architectural industries. LDR has developed a comprehensive range of theatrical and architectural display luminaires using the latest optical design techniques. Featured products at PLASA include the Canto 250HR ceramic followspot, based on the new ceramic lamp from Philips, which provides 3200K and a CRI>90. A complete range of LDR pole-operated yokes are available for both LDR theatrical and architectural range.