The judges for LDI2011's Best Green Product Award for sponsored by Showman Fabricators selected the ArcSystem house light manufactured by GDS.

Dimmable from 0% to 100% using the wireless ARC Mesh protocol for control, the ArcSystem comes in a range of options for recessed or surface-mount, single cell to multi-cell, including 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 cells. A range of beam angles includes 19°, 24°, and 37°. Using high-efficiency optics with an array of eight 25W generation-four Bridgelux LEDs, the system can produce a CRI in excess of 93 with a range of color temperatures including 2,700K, 3,000K, and 4,100K.Additional features include a soft beam pattern, low-glare reflector system, and convection cooling.

“The ArcSystem is a real leap forward in industry technology providing a solution to the long-standing problem of not having a sustainable alternative to traditional incandescent auditorium fixtures that provide the smooth dimming and a good quality of light,” say the judges. Given that this product can have a real and substantial impact for all theatres, both new and existing, is cost effective, and can significantly reduce the carbon dioxide impact of our entertainment facilities, the judges applaud GDS for their truly innovative product. All of GDS’ products are manufactured in the UK in an environmentally responsible manner, and are distributed in the US by A.C.T Lighting.

Bryan Raven of White Light in London (UK) presented the award on behalf of Bob Usdin of Showman Fabricators. “We also want to applaud all of the products that have been developed this year that can help our industry be greener and more environmentally responsible,” Raven noted at the LDI Awards ceremony on October 29 in Orlando. “Bob Usdin, Annie Jacobs, and all of the participants in the LDI Green Day Conferences also want to recognize the loss of our friend and colleague David Taylor this past year, a driving force in many early greening efforts and awareness. Once again, Showman Fabricators congratulates GDS and all of the other manufacturers who are making products that can make a difference.”

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