James Thomas Engineering is launching several important new products this week at PLASA 2005. The JTE stand features a live show created by United Visual Artists (UVA) that features Pixel hardware and control products.

The PixelEight LED mole, blinder, or 8-lite launches at PLASA 2005. The first in a new series of contemporary versions of classic instruments, the PixelEight LED 8-lite is ideal for audience and stage lighting illuminations and other long throw applications with its 6º beam.

It has independent control of each LED pixel, and both rows of LEDs can be panned/focused to spread the beams. An internal Effects Engine produces color strobing and color scrolling effects. It’s optimized to work with JTE’s PixelDrive LED mapping software. It can be hung vertically or horizontally and comes with a set of bolt holes for easy arraying of multiple units. The unit projects no heat and draws a current of 1A at full power.

PixelLine 96 Batten
The PixelLine 96 Batten is the latest in the James Thomas’s industry standard LED battens series. The fixture contains 96 Luxeon LEDs (24 each 1W red and amber, and 24 each 3W blue and green) over six cells, stretched into two rows to enable the seamless forming of lines with multiple fixtures. It is ideal for set and cyc illumination and with long throw capacity. It is also suitable to rental companies that require both a visual blinder effect and a powerful linear wash light combined in a single fixture. As the unit produces no heat emissions, there is no fire or heat damage risk when used in close proximity to scenic elements and sets.

A new version of the PixelBrick will also be available on the stand. The PixelBrick is a singe cell RGBA fixture designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with weather-proof connectors as standard and is great for truss toning. The new PixelBrick is complemented by the new 2-unit rack-mounted RGBA driver for the PixelBrick Series.

Radical Lighting
In collaboration with Radical Lighting, JTE presents the latest version of PixelDrive LED mapping and control software. The latest PixelDrive features include Sound Activation and Preset Store. The new version also allows designers to create their shows offline. Users can now run up to 14 DMX universes through PixelDrive from a PC or Mac laptop. The PixelDrive system is available in three sizes.

The new Radical Lighting NGI digital media server (currently in use on Coldplay’s world tour) is also on show along with Radical Lighting’s new VideoDrive.

JTE Trussing
JTE’s trussing division is showing the latest hardware solutions for arraying multiple PixelLine 1044 units quickly and easily. Also on display: their new off-the-shelf ground support tower for PA speakers and lighting fixtures.

JTE’s team of structural experts will discuss the latest in the world of rigging, lifting, suspension and elevation of lights, sound, video, scenery, and any other production elements into the air.

JTE’s UK team is joined on the stand by their Knoxville, TN, US colleagues.

For More Information:
Visit the www.pixelpar.com entertainment site, which has been redesigned for PLASA.