iLight Technologies will introduce a new Daytime Plexineon later this month. The Daytime Plexineon is specially made for use in daylight, outdoors or in high light environments. It uses a special absorption and emission process that absorbs sunlight while allowing the LED light to pass through. The process is additive, so the Daytime Plexineon appears brighter during the day. At night, the light output level remains high.

Features include a UV and impact resistant acrylic diffuser, UV-resistant plastic channel sides, stainless steel c-channel fo rigidity, and a proprietary class 2 wiring system. The Daytime series comes in red, amber, and green only. The fixtures measure .5"x1.4".

iLight has developed a patented structure that is a solid plastic waveguide with the LEDs encapsulated inside. This structure creates a bright, even glow that is comparable to glass neon but is durable and difficult to break. Plexineon is a low-voltage product and runs cool to the touch, so it can be placed next to other materials or within reach without worry.