High End Systems released new software for the Hog iPC that provides enhancements to the hybrid lighting console and adds support for a third monitor or touchscreen.

The Hog iPC console contains three applications (Hog 3PC, Hog 2PC and Hog iPC configuration panel), all of which have been updated. The Hog iPC configuration panel is the central utility program for interfacing with the unique elements of the Hog iPC system. Improvements to this application allow users to enable a third monitor or touchscreen connected to the DVI port of the console.

A third monitor functionality was highly requested by customers, says Brad Schiller, HES director of control systems development. "We are pleased to have been able to react to user’s requests for additional monitor support. Without any hardware changes, we were able to activate the DVI port and allow use of an additional monitor or touchscreen. This feature expands the capabilities of the Hog iPC console by allowing additional windows to be viewed and adjusted simultaneously across multiple screens."

High End also released an updated version of the Hog 3PC software for the Hog iPC console. This update is a step toward synchronizing the Hog 3PC software with the Wholehog® 3 console software. This version contains all the features and enhancements from the recently released Wholehog 3 console software v1.3.8. Additional improvements have been made to the Hog 2PC software as well, such as bug fixes and a new auto-save on exit option.

Users can download the software and read detailed release information at www.flyingpig.com. Individuals interested in participating in Hog iPC related software testing cycles should apply for the Software Testing Program at www.flyingpig.com.