High End Systems (HES) of Austin, TX and Wynne Willson Gottelier (WWG) UK have formed an agreement on the licensing of certain WWG digital lighting technologies patents.

Richard Belliveau, chief technology officer for HES, says, “WWG is a truly innovative source of inventive creativity in the lighting industry. The relationship between WWG and HES has been instrumental in the development of HES digital lighting products. We are pleased to form the licensing agreement with WWG.”

Peter Wynne Willson of WWG says, “The hard and soft engineering of the HES digital products is exemplary. Richard Belliveau and his team have made a fabulous job of bringing our Catalyst project to market. WWG has learned much from HES en route to concluding this licensing agreement.”

High End Systems is a worldwide automated lighting and control systems manufacturer for the entertainment industry. Its line of digital lighting products include the DL.2 and DL.1 digital light fixtures and the Catalyst Media Server, all of which have won professional industry awards. WWG, based in the UK, manages entertainment projects and provides product innovation for the concert and touring market.