The Professional Lighting division in GRACE Corporation, representative and distributor for professional products in the entertainment industry, has just incorporated the new “OSIRIS Constellation” to its line of products.

The Osiris Constellation is a series of five professional luminaries: Orus, Isis, Neftis, Seth, and Ariuus. All have IP20, standard DMX512 signal, automated focus, and a cable conformed under the CE20/22 international norm, among other features detailed as follows. The compact and powerful units can be used in a wide range of applications.

ORUS 1200: The powerful 1200W unit features 12-22 DMX channels, steel gobo patterns and one adjustable glass gobo, eight pure colors + eight mixed colors, rainbow effects, and scroll. The effect wheel can stop any time during movement. The 540º pan and 252º tilt functions also allow for accurate adjustment and speed. It has a double color temperature effect and 1-10s strobe (in both 1200 spot and wash versions).

ISIS 575: This bright 575W unit has 12-18 DMX channels. It has a two-direction rotating prism. It provides eight pure colors and eight mixed colors through five steel color gobos plus one white with adjustable positioning. One glass gobo has adjustable speed. It also has a 1-10 mechanical linear dimmer and high-speed strobe. The 540° pan and 250° tilt have a very accurate micro-adjustment (spot and wash versions). Its base protects against overheating and high voltage.

NEFTIS 575: A 575W spot that uses 8-10 DMX channels with a digital display, and has 370º pan and 270° tilt with accurate micro-adjustment and speed. It has eight pure color gobos and eight mixed colors. Includes eight metal gobos and a glass gobo for patterns, all are interchangeable and are available custom made. Effects features include rainbow effect, scroll, and high-speed strobe (1-7s).

SETH 250: The smallest spot in the OSIRIS series uses 8-10 DMX channels and provides eight pure colors plus eight mixed, with rainbow effect, scroll, and high-speed strobe. It also has eight interchangeable gobo patterns (three ripple, four metallic, and one white). With 570° pan movement and 270° tilt, it also includes prism effect.

ARIUS 1200 & 2500: This followspot is available in 1200W and 2500W versions. It includes four DMX channels, with a sturdy aluminum and steel chassis, ideal for large stages and disco and multi-function studio applications. Its two color wheels provide up to 20 colors. It features rainbow effects, strobe, and electronic linear adjustment. With the Arius, a beam of 15° can reach a 30m distance. It has three built-in axial fans and base protection against overheating and high voltage.