GearSourceEurope and Martin Professional France announced that they had reached an agreement to work together, marketing and selling used equipment, which is available from Martin’s customer base in France and the Maghreb.

Martin Professional France needed a partner to help with an increasing number of requests from his clients to assist in selling their used equipment to allow them to invest in new Martin equipment.

Bruno Garros, general director of Martin Professional France, comments, “We looked at the market and knew if we were going to refer our customers to someone, we needed to find a partner who could represent us with a high degree of quality and professionalism. GearSource Europe with their partner in the US, Gearsource Inc. have almost four years experience selling used equipment from their highly developed and easy to navigate website. We spoke to Martin US, who have used Gearsource successfully since their inception in 2002. They had nothing but praise for the way GearSource conduct themselves in this specialized field.”

GearSource Europe can be reached in France on +33134862868 or in the UK on +448701909839. GearSource can be reached in the USA at (561) 296-9555.