Entertainment Technology is proud to introduce Cue Master™ DMX Control Stations. Whether you need a compact 4 to 16 channel DMX controller, a flexible DMX “Snap Shot” station, or need to add DMX control to a stage manager’s panel, the Cue Master DMX Control Stations are designed to offer powerful DMX512 control from an attractive and easy-to-operate architectural wall-station.

“As we spoke with clients about what products they would most like to see produced, an architectural DMX wall-station was consistently suggested,” states Alan Keen, Entertainment Technology product marketing manager. “Therefore through the combination of existing and new technology, we were able to successfully meld three separate modes of DMX control and output into one architectural wall-station.”

Cue Master DMX Control Stations operate in one of three user-selected modes. In each mode, the unit has the option of receiving a DMX512 signal and adding it to the transmitted DMX512 signal using Highest Takes Precedence (HTP).

DMX Channel Mode provides individual control of up to 16 consecutive channels, within a single universe of DMX512, and 13 preset recall scenes of those 16 consecutive channels.

DMX “Snap Shot” Mode provides 13 scene captures of a single universe of DMX512.

DMX Sub Master Mode provides capture of a DMX512 signal to any one of 4,8,12, or 16 sub master channels, depending on the chosen master station. The sub master channel level can then be used with other sub master channels to layer their captured looks.

Additional features of Cue Master DMX Control Stations include a channel intensity LED display with an adjustable LED intensity, adjustable fade rates from instant to 60 minutes with instant override, an Auto-Cycle mode for 5 or 13 presets, a custom engraved keypad, a contact closure interface, and the ability to lock-out the control station.

All Cue Master DMX Control Stations ship standard with a black finish, a powered back box, and a white color kit.

Keen concludes, “The Cue Master DMX Control Stations are ideal for a school auditorium, house of worship, educational theatre, television studio, or any space that needs DMX control without the need for a large lighting console, including architectural applications with the need for color-changing LED fixture control.