Elation Professional has announced the schedule for its 2007 Elation Training and Products Roadshow.

A series of traveling seminars designed to educate dealers on the use and application of Elation lighting products, this year’s Roadshow will stop in major US cities from coast to coast and will even travel north and south of the border to Canada and Mexico City. Presented by factory-trained specialists, the one- or two-day seminars are offered free-of-charge to Elation dealers:

• Feb. 12–13, San Francisco
• Feb. 19–20, Los Angeles
• Feb. 27–28, Phoenix/Tempe
• March 6–7, Houston
• March 20, Portland, Oregon
• March 22, Seattle
• April 10­–11, Denver
• April 24, Detroit
• April 26, Cleveland
• May 8–9, New York City/New Jersey
• May 14, Baltimore, Maryland
• May 16, Raleigh, North Carolina
• May 21–22, Toronto
• May 24, Montreal
• May 28–29, Atlanta
• June 5–6, Mexico City

“The market for professional stage, club, and architectural lighting products is booming, while at the same time these products are becoming increasingly more technically sophisticated,” says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “There are great opportunities for retailers to grow their lighting business, but to do so they must possess the knowledge required to sell today’s cutting-edge products. Through our Roadshows, we aim to educate dealers about the latest products and inform them about emerging markets for lighting so they can maximize their sales.”

Among the topics covered in the seminars are: automated lighting, LED technology, lighting controllers and software, professional fog machines, data distribution, and wireless DMX solutions. Dealers will get a chance to have hands-on experience with the latest Elation products, including CompuLive and SD3D software. Additionally, there will be a sales training course covering features, benefits, applications, and troubleshooting of Elation products.

“We want our dealers to have thorough knowledge in using and selling our newest high-tech products,” adds Loader. “We realize that not everyone can travel to trade shows and seminars, so we are bringing this training to retailers in their own hometowns completely free of charge.

Each day of the Roadshow begins with a morning session (10am – 1pm), followed by an afternoon session (2pm – 5pm). Dealers attending two-day Roadshow seminars will have the opportunity to invite their customers to come from 5–8pm on the second day to learn about the Elation product line. Along with Loader, Ray Villasenor, Elation’s theatrical sales and support specialist, will be on hand and there will be a guest presentation by Philips Lighting on Discharge and LED lighting.

Complimentary continental breakfast and lunch will be served each day. Product specials will be offered to dealers as well. Additionally, every dealer who attends will receive free gifts from Elation plus a chance to win a CompuClub software package.

To reserve a spot for the 2007 Elation Training and Products Roadshow, RSVP to visage@elationlighting.com or call 866-245-6726 ext. 139. Space will be limited to Elation dealers only.