Coemar continues to develop products based on discharge and halogen lamp technology. The iWash range now features the iWash Halo with a functional moving yoke (538° pan, 252° tilt beam movement, 16 bit).

It is equipped with a 750W 55V (750W, 20000lm, 3200°K, 200h) halogen lamp. It has a full CMY color mixing system with six colors plus white on the color wheel and a proportional CTB filter.

The iWash Halo features full range dimming, 12° to 51° zoom, rotating filter (beam shaping) for 180° shaping (PAR effect), an additional Fresnel lens for a higher concentration of beam, and DMX 512 and bidirectional communication protocol. It allows for synchronized or random strobe effect and blackout. All functions are emulated by a DR 1 remote control.