Clay Paky's Alpha Profile 1200 combines the technology of the Alpha fixtures with a framing system designed and patented by Clay Paky. Features include a color temperature ranging from 6,000ºK to 7,500ºK; electronic linear zoom range of 10° to 30°; and CMY color mixing and linear CTO. The framing system features four blades that move separately for smooth movements at variable speed, "total curtain" effect, framed moving images effect, and small and large dynamic profiles. Other effects are possible via one rotating gobo wheel with six bi-directional, indexable, interchangeable gobos; selectable gobo shake function and morphing effect; another wheel with eight fixed interchangeable gobos; an animation effect; a rotating prism; two frost filters; high speed mechanical iris; 0 to 100% dimmer; and stop/strobe effect.