Designed for the serious stage lighting market, the new Opti Profile from Elation Professional projects up to 30–40 feet, enough to be effective in even the largest theatrical venues.

An ellipsoidal style fixture, the Opti Profile gives lighting users the ability to shape the beam and manipulate it in several practical and creative ways. It offers a wide variety of precision tools and accessories for highlighting performers and setting dramatic moods on stage, starting at $369.00 MSRP.

“With all of its amazing capabilities, the Opti Profile represents an incredible value for a high-quality cETL approved fixture,” says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “This is a truly professional stage light fixture ideal for permanent installations or rental inventories.”

Lighting users can purchase a basic Opti Profile fixture and expand its versatility with a number of available accessories, including four lens tubes, a gobo holder and an iris module (all sold separately). The lens tubes allow you to change the beam angle all the way from 5º to 50º. The metal gobo holder is B Size great for casting any image you want behind performers on stage. And the 18-leaf iris module lets you transform the beam into a small spotlight.

The Opti Profile can handle any kind of staging need, from theatrical performances and concerts to churches, presentations, and runway shows. And since it can project at such a high quality image at a long distance, it’s perfect for architectural applications as well.

Lighting professionals can choose either a 19- or 26-degree lens, depending on the beam distance required. The fixture is also available in two exterior colors, black and white for a small additional charge. “White fixtures are very much in demand today for use in worship facilities as well as many architectural applications,” notes Loader.

Adding to the fixture’s flexibility, two types of 575-watt lamps are available (sold separately): the 300-hour GLC and the long-life 1,500-hour GLA. Both lamps have a color temperature of 3200K.

Available accessories for the Opti Profile (sold separately) include:
· OP 5 TUBE Projection Tube – Beam angle 5º
· OP 10 TUBE Projection Tube – Beam angle 10º
· OP 36 TUBE Projection Tube – Beam angle 36º
· OP 50 TUBE Projection Tube – Beam angle 50º
· OP GH Gobo Holder
· OP IRIS Iris Module