There are many tools we designers use to help us visualize our efforts, but never before have I seen such a unique organic modeler coupled with a high quality renderer as in Luxology’s Modo 401. Modo is one of the most useful companions to a drafting package out there. Its rendering engine alone is worth the $1,000 price tag. It’s a first class tool that will breathe realism into your renderings and inspire you to design more. After all, what could be more useful than a tool that inspires us to take more chances in our designs?

Modo does just that, because it allows the designer the liberty to see exactly what the outcome will look like. After months of playing with Modo, I’m still inspired to think of new ideas I can model and render out to see what it will look like in reality. The organic, chaotic nature of the modeler enables you to approach a level of realism that cannot be distinguished between a photograph or a rendering.

I’ve had the pleasure of delving deep into the new Modo 401 interface to review its plethora of new features. I’ve actually considered not writing a full review, so I could keep this best kept secret just that—a secret. The power of Modo 401 is something that falls under the category of trade secrets.

Get it directly from the Luxology website.

Check out Christian Choi’s full review in the March issue of Live Design.