The new version of Dataton Watchoutâ„¢ was officially launched at the ETS-LDI show in November. At the show, Watchout also won the Projection Product of the Year award.

Dataton Watchout is a production and presentation system designed for large-scale, high-impact presentations, as it creates widescreen and multi-display shows in the corporate events industry, on the stage, in museums, shopping malls, at trade shows.

Dataton designed Version 3 to be faster and more responsive. The new version sports a remodelled user interface. The Stage window is improved and offers high-quality preview. It has new settings for preview quality and a masked preview mode. Users can even preview live video and remote computers in the Stage window.

Displays can be rotated to any angle to create unique display arrangements. There is improved keyframing for all movements. The new rotation tween track gives users precise control over rotation speed, degree, and revolutions. Other tween track features let users flip and scale images more easily, select and move multiple tween points, and edit motion paths, acceleration and deceleration with superb accuracy.

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