Hoffend introduced Vortek® LT, a series of hoist units created for venues that require the ability to raise and lower lighting instruments in a safe, efficient manner, without the use of ladders or lifts.

Based on the award-winning technology developed for theatrical use by Hoffend & Sons, Vortek LT replaces all line-shaft systems and one-off rigging solutions. Vortek LT installs in a fraction of the time required for complex line-shaft or other customized winches.

Hoffend offers this line of hoists for all types of architectural applications including stage electrics, front of house, television studios, and other high-ceiling installations where safe access is difficult. Most of these structures do not have the floor stability to support an industrial lift, so high-hanging equipment is often difficult or even impossible to access.

The three new Vortek hoist units include the following:

Vortek LT House Light Hoist (VLTHL): Designed to raise and lower house lighting or architectural lighting instruments with 65’ of travel, this hoist has the ability to lower a batten with accompanying lighting fixtures to an elevation easily accessible to a person standing on the floor. LT hoist battens can span 180’ distances, replacing 2-5 alternate winches.

Vortek LT Front of House or Stage Electric Light Hoist (VLTFOH): Suitable for both front of house electrics and onstage electrics, the VLTFOH hoist is designed to raise and lower lighting instruments with 65’ of standard travel distance, with up to 72 circuits available. With the ability to span up to 120’, one VLTFOH hoist module eliminates the need for two or even three alternative hoists that have been required in the past to span distances greater than 50’.

Vortek LT Television Hoist (VLTTV): This hoist module can be attached to a standard television studio grid, or attached to the ceiling using an optional Vortek LT tracking system. This tracking system gives television lighting directors the flexibility to move each hoist module to a specific location, allowing users to put lights in the optimal position for each set.

All three Vortek® LT hoist units include Vortek’s patented, continuously engaged, fully mechanical braking system. In the event of a complete catastrophic failure of the gear box, the load on the hoist will remain stationary and will not free fall.

The Hoist modules can be controlled by a push-button control station, DMX 512, the Vortek® Automation Center, or Vortek® network protocol (Arcnet).