Trevira CS fabrics are inherently flame resistant and are developed to meet the US and international safety codes for stage and theatre curtains.

Many theatre and stage curtains are constructed using velvet fabric. These velvets can be made from various fibers–cotton, rayon, or man-made fibers. Cotton, rayon, and fibers must be treated with flame-resistant chemicals to the surface of the fabric, which may not be permanent for the lifetime of the curtain. If there is a fire, the chemicals used on the fabric’s surface could also cause toxic fumes.

Permanently flame-resistant polyester fibers, such as Trevira CS are not treated with a surface flame-resistant chemical but rather the flame-resistant properties are permanently built into the molecular chain of the fiber and cannot be removed. The entire raw material is inherently flame resistant, not just the surface. Therefore, the FR performance cannot wear or wash off. There is no danger of toxic fumes from the curtains in the event of a fire. The flame-resistant properties are permanent and last over the lifetime of the fabric.

Trevira CS is environmentally friendly with an Oekotex 100 certificate stating the material contains no harmful substances and, when used to manufacture velvets, no additional chemical treatments are needed. According to Trevira, inherently flame-resistant polyester fibers can be easily laundered and are highly durable, reducing the cost of care associated with cotton or rayon velvets.

Trevira CS fabrics are available in a wide variety of designs and colors, with more than 1,000 fabric collections available globally. These fabrics can be used as curtains, drapes, blinds, and upholstery fabrics.