SureGrip™ is a rope developed by J.R. Clancy specifically to address the safety concerns of worn hand lines. A “telltale” red thread woven into the rope indicates excessive wear; a visible red thread says it’s time to replace the line.

“Not only is this a great safety tool”, says Clancy’s Tom Young, “it also prevents users from unnecessarily replacing rope that is still good. This innovative new product is part of our ongoing ‘Design for Safety’ program.”

In addition to the unique wear indicator (patent pending), the rope contains an identifying ribbon with Clancy’s name, contact information, and year of manufacture. A pair of “Clancy green” marker threads on the exterior of the rope indicates that it’s Clancy’s SureGrip.

SureGrip is available in ¾” diameter in either white or black and has a breaking strength of 10,000lbs; more than double that of manila line. The synthetic blend also resists rot or any effect from environmental factors such as heat or humidity. The line has such minimal stretch that floor blocks in a fly system only have to be adjusted at the time of installation. It features the familiar three-strand twist construction that is traditional in rigging hand lines.