JR Clancy, Inc. has announced the availability of a new hoist designed specifically for architectural settings with vast spaces and high ceilings, in which lighting fixtures are often out of reach of maintenance personnel.

The LumaLift® architectural lighting hoist (patent pending) makes it easy and safe to lower lighting to an accessible level for re-lamping, cleaning, focusing, and maintenance in lobbies, atria, arenas, gymnasiums, convention centers, auditoriums, churches, factories, and warehouses. Before LumaLift, a scaffold, ladder, or man lift would be required to perform routine maintenance on lights in fixed positions, and maintenance personnel would need to clear floor space for safe set-up, often in the midst of a manufacturing environment or a large public space. LumaLift eliminates the need for costly equipment rentals, high-risk climbs to lofty ceiling heights,
and potential accidents involving dropped fixtures or debris on people below.

In creating the LumaLift, JR Clancy engineers applied the technology and expertise gathered in the company's 120-plus years in the rigging industry. "With all of the versatility and dependable automation available in the theatrical rigging industry, it's only natural that the ability to raise and lower lighting in a simple, safe, cost-effective manner would come to architectural
settings as well," says Mike Murphy, executive vice president of
JR Clancy. "LumaLift is designed specifically for architectural
settings. It provides the flexibility and security architects and
interior designers have sought for some time, in a form that is
manufactured in the United States for fast delivery, easy to install
and maintain, and safe for use over peoples' heads in workplaces and
public spaces. Building managers will love the ease of use, and the
ability to access lighting, change lamps and make repairs faster and
more frequently than before."

Architects can choose the size of the LumaLift hoist-from 6' to 80' and the cable management system that will fit into the space: folding pantographs, cable reels, pre-coiled cable, or self-aligning electrical connectors that mate automatically. LumaLift is installed at ceiling level, and lights are installed directly onto the Unistrut® channels or onto connector strips. Strips with integral dimmers are available as well. The battens and wireways are
ready to be painted to match the interior design of the building.

Controls are available with Up/Down pushbuttons or four
programmable preset stops. All use key-operated switches to restrict
access, and all electrical components are UL or ETL listed. The
controls are in surface of flush-mounted boxes, located to meet the
specific needs of each installation. The lifts routinely hold a live load of 300lbs., and their modular structure adapts easily to nearly every space. The shafting incorporates flexible couplings at every drum for long life.

"We've engineered LumaLift for rapid manufacturing, so we can
fill orders quickly within the contractor's production schedule,"
adds Murphy. "Modular Unistrut parts allow us to address unexpected
field conditions quickly, and resolve issues in a timely manner."