At PLASA 2005, automation specialists Kinesys are launching their new control solution, K2, as well as displaying other standard products, like Elevation 1+.

K2 Control
K2 has built-in 3D support; the programming and playback environments display real moving objects as realistic graphical representations. These are positioned in a 3D space in the correct proportions and relations to the stage, set, and other moving objects.

These graphical items can be created in industry-standard CAD packages and imported directly into K2, this makes programming very simple with click-and-drag manipulation of the moving objects.

Before live run-throughs, cues can be simulated and rehearsed in full 3D, complete with multiple viewing angles and user controlled camera views that allow the operator to be sure that no aspect of the movement is hidden.

User programmable limits and clamps allow envelopes of motion to be easily constructed around objects. When combined with K2’s other safety features and extensive feedback, the programmer can be in complete control of the automation devices. K2 is not limited to winches and chain hoists, any number of devices can be connected to the system. It also offers full support for hydraulics and pneumatics.

At PLASA, Kinesys will be running numerous demonstrations of K2 at its booth. These will vary between pre-programmed sequences and moves suggested by visitors to the show.

Also On Show…
Elevation 1+ and Velocity variable speed motor controllers will also be on show, controlling both chain hoists and winches. As a chain hoist controller, the Elevation 1+ is not bound to any one specific hoist manufacturer, allowing users to choose exactly the right hoist for the application without adjusting their control system. This methodology has been proven in practice, with existing users supplying the same system to control both miniature CM Prostars and high speed 20m/min Liftkets. Kinesys Elevation system supports lighting designers, operators, riggers, and production managers with its ease and flexibility of rigging, the built-in manual controls, and simple cabling and handset controllers.